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hey wait, great smile
13 January 2014 @ 08:26 pm
I am back, sort of! Sorry about the long absence...

What left the biggest impression in my private life this year was definitely graduating from university! Even looking back at it now, there were so many things I've learned. In any case, since I had to read and write a lot of texts, I feel like my writing skills improved a bit. Exchanging mails back and forth with my teachers was also something new. The way you speak there is also different from usual, so I used "watashi" (the normal, polite form for "I", which would not be used by guys in normal everyday conversion) for the first time in the mails (laughs).
Since it took 5 years, the graduation ceremony was very moving. Aside from being glad, I somehow felt a bit sad at the same time. My parents were also happy when they heard about my graduation. Well, they also were happy when I enrolled, but that was at the same time as my sister. So it seems like my parents were more concerned about my sister and it didn't impress them that much (laughs).
Since graduating, it feels like I have more time for myself. Of course I want to do my best at work and take on different new challenges in my free time.

I turned 30 this year, but at the moment of my birthday, I was shooting for "Henshin Interviewer no Yuutsu". When the clock struck 12, we were right before shooting an important climactic scene. In this tense atmosphere, they brought out a surprise birthday cake! I think even for the staff, the mood was like "I wonder if it's really OK to bring it out at this time...", but I was happy being congratulated by everyone.
We sang "Happy birthday", blew out the candles and then it was like "OK, now let's shoot!" (laughs). The shooting was incredibly hard. Maybe the hardest one in my life! I had a lot of lines and was staying overnight with everyone at the same place for the shooting. In the mornings, I was with my other co-actors in the large public bath, but you could always feel that atmosphere of "Can we do our best again today...!" But I think the difficult shooting made it a really interesting drama and since in the second half, more people make an appearance and the mystery will be solved, it would make me happy if people enjoyed it.
Because of that, my birthday was honestly over in a flash, but now I am actually aware of being 30. Before, I used to think "Since I'm in Johnny's, I really do not want to grow old" (laughs), but when you're young, there's a unique appeal to your 30s you cannot experience. That's why I am from now on also really enjoying myself.

Recently, I could take it easy privately for the first time this year, and lead something like a "human" life. I also went to an onsen by myself. I had delicious food, soaked in the onsen several times and just had a relaxing day off. At home too, I am taking it slowly and do nothing! The other day, I bought this wood deck for the veranda I was interested in before. I also got a table and chair for it, and immediately brought out bread and tea to have a break. I want to make use of it often before it gets cold. By the way, this year I was invited to play futsal a lot by (Kokubun) Taichi, but the timing was always bad and I couldn't go... I really want to make it happen within this year.

"楔-kusabi-" also fits the world view of the drama and I think it turned out really well as KAT-TUN new single. We chose the songs for the album with the Countdown live at the end of the year in mind, and we had a talk about it with all the members and took our time to make our decision. Basically we were focusing on not forgetting the KAT-TUN-identity, but you can also feel the new things we incorporated. I think we also brought out the best of KAT-TUN this time. That's why I confidently want to tell everyone: "Please listen to it!"
I am also happy that I can spend New Year for the first time in Osaka and that we can do a KAT-TUN only Countdown live! For the fan meeting event "Katsumode" in the new year, we want to do something completely different from the concert. I hope we can convey our feelings to everyone and want everyone to look forward to it.

hey wait, great smile
13 December 2012 @ 03:59 pm
Not a new one, but a cute one!

I am completely obsessed with my kitchen garden. The herbs I got from Inohara (Yoshihiko)-san have been growing nicely. I'm enjoying it a lot, so I recently bought and started to grow cherry tomatoes and goya [bitter melon] and other vegetable greens. The cherry tomatoes had fruits from the start and after watering them, they became red quickly. The goya is not yet there, but since the tendrils keep growing, I put up a net. With the vegetable greens, after they increased quickly I thought that together with all the other things it would be better to transfer them into a bigger pot, so I also bought a new planting box. Though I didn't have any time yet to fill it with earth... I think I soon will be making herb tea with the herbs. Seeing them grow up with my own eyes puts me into high spirits.

A little while ago I was off work and I had a good day. I normally don't drink alcohol that much, so I am not all "Let's drink!" the evening before I have a day off, but this time I thought that since the next day is off, I should go eat something nice and went to a sushi restaurant after work. There, I had a bit of hirezake [hot sake with fish fins in it]. And then I got up around 7... Ah, I basically even try to get up around that time on holidays, to keep a daily rhythm. Then I watched a university course over the Internet, went to the hair salon, went shopping and went back after getting fabric softener and tooth paste at the drug store. Since the sales just started, I bought several t-shirts and polo shirts. Then in the evening I watched a soccer match at home, while eating pizza as usual. By the way, this day I had a margherita. Also, my computer broke and I wanted to take it for repair, but I still couldn't go...

I like surprises for girls, but I am honestly not good at it. I love doing something to make her happy, but I guess I cannot keep it a secret? How to make a girl smile? This is a really difficult question. Hmmm, maybe tell her first of all, "Let's go on a trip to Hawaii, when I get time off" (laughs).

I want to go to a tropical island... 4~5 days would be great. I want to relax at a place with the sea and with nature. I like the sea, but this year I couldn't go so far... Ah, I went once with work. But it was at a place where swimming wasn't allowed, so I could not go in. Last year I went once. I traveled to the island for three days and played at the beach and went shopping, it was a lot of fun. I like swimming in the sea, but hardly do any special activities. If I had to say, I like just not doing anything. A bit off topic, but the meat abroad is a lot bigger and thicker, so after only three days I quickly gained weight (laughs). If I don't eat, I lose weight, so I normally make sure I eat, but during that time I gained weight even without paying attention.

hey wait, great smile
09 December 2012 @ 09:13 pm
Sorry about the long absence, life got a bit busy T_T this also isn't particularly special, I was just picking at random /fail

What constitutes manliness... Not caring about small things, always ladies first, having one or two heroic tales, something like that. What I've carried out so far is ladies first. I always naturally tried to be friendly towards girls ever since I was a child. It's because I was always told by my father "to treat girls nicely". So from the time where we bathed together, I was taught that "Being nice and being tidy is what makes a guy popular with girls." It seems my father wanted to raise me to be a popular guy (laughs). Well, but it's good that thanks to that I could naturally learn about "ladies first" kind of things. If I were to go somewhere with a girl, I'd properly attend to her! And then, heroic tales! I don't have any of those (laughs). But strength in fights hasn't really anything to do with manliness, does it? As long as you have the strength to protect the girl when it's important, then it's enough.

Being asked "Who is a manly person?", the first ones who immediately came to my mind right now are TOKIO's Matsuoka (Masahiro)-kun and Nagase (Tomoya)-kun. All of TOKIO's members are manly, but amongst them I think those two are especially so. If I had to say what it is, I guess it would be a certain atmosphere, their appearance and their spontaneous reactions. Since it's all just stuff I don't possess, I cannot explain it well (laughs). Plus, in the world of manga it would be ROOKIES main character, Kawato Koichi. He has a strong sense of justice, love and kindness. Ah, those three might also be things that constitute manliness. If you are surrounded by a lot of good friends, it's not only a proof that you're reliable as a man, but as a person.

I also think that people who are giving their best in a certain thing are manly. People who don't just think about their personal interest, but are considerate of their surroundings. In case of students, anything like the cultural festival, sports festival or of course studies for exams. There are definitely those who seem somehow different from others, who seem to shine. Amongst guys, there are also those who think it's uncool to let people see them trying hard, so they don't do it in public, but for those who really give an effort, people around them naturally appreciate this. The uncool ones are those guys, who only desperately stick to it when there are girls present. Though guys in their teens are probably all like this (laughs). Girls are more grown-up mentally. How to ascertain the good guys? By listening to various people's love stories, reading books or watching movies, you will only find out as much as that there are different types of guys in the world. There are also guys who improve themselves for the girl they like, and change to be more manly. The inside more than just their appearance. I also have to make sure I don't forget to improve my inner side.

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25 June 2012 @ 03:42 pm
This is the following episode of Gatsuun with Junno-teasing, Nakamaru's phobias and Koki's zoo! Oh, and the new single of course.

You can listen to it here.

K&N: Good evening! (N: Konban mi!)

K: (laughs) I'm KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki!

N: I'm Nakamaru Yuichi!

K: You said 'mi'!

N: I did. Where it had to fit.

K: It surprised me. Well! It's June now.

N: So fast.

K: It's rainy season.

N: Yes. Hey, June means half of the year is over! Since countdown.

K: That's right! In the blink of an eye...

N: Isn't it extremely fast? I don't wanna talk about this (laughs)

K: It's really fast! Well, anyway, we already said it last week, but our new song "To the limit" will be released on June 27th. It seems it was already played at Kamenashi-kun's radio show.

N: Ah~ he played it before us...we can also play it starting today... this week.

K: Yes. The arrangement was like... let's play it while Taguchi isn't here.
That was Bunka broadcasting's arrangement.

N: I see, they said, "start this week since Taguchi isn't there" (laughs) So listen to this with this in mind.

K&N: (laugh)

K: So that's why today's freetalk... you know, since we stopped with "hanashi" last week, let's go with "new song" (shinkyoku)

N: Topic "new song".
K: Well, that's why we ended with "hanashi" last week.

N: True... but basically, we should do without using "(something) talk"...

K: It's cheating, right. Well, about the new song, there are also people who are just listening casually to it...

N: Surprisingly, this kind of tune is something KAT-TUN has done before.

K: Yeah, it feels familiar. Lately we had a lot of very positive, cheerful songs.

N: Yes yes. It might be the first time that a song like that is the A-side?

K: It might be. And how everyone is doing a rap we kinda had in "Fall Down" before.

N: Yes yes.

K: And we also had some rap parts in "Sadistic Love"...

N: There might be some people who hear it for the first time since it's the A-side.

K: Some people's impression might be, "Awesome, they're all rapping in the chorus!"

N: Only the lyrics are difficult this time.

K: They are.

N: They were seriously difficult.

K: We're sorry, it'll be hard to sing at karaoke (laughs)
So... since it summer soon... we'd be glad if people have fun going to karaoke and singing it

N: This is one reason why the releases are always timed like this (laughs)
Any song, it's "Well, it's this season"...

K: At the end of the year it would be for the year-end party..

N: Where people use them

K: And in the beginning of the year it's for the New Year's party... In the summer, it's definitely summer vacation... going to the beach

N: Going on a drive

K: Yes. It's also good to be played at the beach or at home. To refresh (laughs)

N: And there are three more songs. One is "Spirit".

K: The baseball one.

N: And then two more. Are they recorded?

K: Yes.

N: Two songs?

K: Yes, they were finished today.

N: Ah, really.

K: One really calming song.

N: That one... It's been on the list of songs for a long time, but now it finally became one of the b-sides.

K: Hmmm... what was the name again?

N: I totally didn't catch it (laughs)

K: Well, often the titles of the songs change, so we don't know.

N: Yeah, they do.

K: "To the Limit" also wasn't "To the Limit" from the beginning.

N: I really can't think of the title.

K: Me either (laughs)

N: ...It's not decided yet? It's still untitled!

K: Is it? It's the song besides "Sorezore no Sora".

N: This untitled song is a really good one!

K: Ah, I like it too.

N: This time there are two editions. One has the videos and... the one with various stuff.

K: Yes.

N: If possible, please buy both.

K: Yes. The PV was pretty difficult for a PV... and the making might be interesting... well, I don't know if the making is included.

N: It is.

K: It's a really good PV this time. Something we didn't do before. Well, it hasn't been revealed yet. So please make sure to buy it and check it out.
You'll be able to see a new KAT-TUN from before, right? It's really a new KAT-TUN!

N: With that PV this time... right!
I was thinking, how will is it going to turn out?

K: It's like a movie! I thought, are they gonna use that gun powder like that?

N: Right! It's not CG.

K: Yeah. It really gave me a shock, when it went all "bam!". That was fun.

N: I hope people are looking forward to this.

K: Yes. And with that, we will hear this "To the Limit"...
So, right now... if you want to record it

N: If you've prepared to record, we'll play it

K: Well, let's hear it?

N: So next week it'll be a word starting with "ku"


K: Today, I'd like to read hyphen mail for us.

N: Yes, the listeners' corner.

K: "This is a question for Nakamaru-kun. You mentioned before in an idol mag that you had a fear of pointy objects, did it get better? By the way, I also have one and brushes or pens or even people's fingers are impossible to look at. If you have a way to overcome it, please tell me."

N: It's really impossible. Maybe the degree is about the same... pens or fingers are impossible.

K: You really couldn't get pointed at... that is, when you were aware of it.

N: Yeah... if I don't notice..

K: It's ok while normally talking.. but when you think "Ah, they're pointing towards me..."

N: Yes, in that moment it's over. I then feel it itching behind my eyes, and I can't open them anymore.

K: It's always been like that.

N: Maybe since... The third, or second year of middle school?

K: But compared to then..

N: Now, it hardly happens.

K: But the image of you having this fear is still strong!

N: It was really bad.

K: It was... When pointing at you, you went "stop that!" (laughs)

N: And when eating, when the person sitting to my right, as a right-hander turned their chopsticks into my direction when resting them... That really bothered me. I always ate turning to the left side.

K: But I also was seriously afraid of heights. Like, back then in the show "Hadaka no Shonen", I couldn't jump from the 5m... or 7m diving board. Only I and Ueda.

N: You didn't jump from the 7m one?

K: Out of all the Juniors, only I and Ueda couldn't jump. I went all, "I can't I can't" and Ueda cried...

N: Really? I jumped from the 7.5 one.

K: You did. And now it's exactly the opposite. I and Ueda are completely fine!

N: True... That is strange. It changed.
Recently Taguchi also apparently can't do high places anymore.

K: Right. Like, when we had the balloons on the concerts, it was really bad for Taguchi.

N: Yes. Maybe people change.

K: Yes.

N: There are people with those phobias in this world.. let's go to the next.
"Animal loving-Koki-kun really seems to be liked by any sort of animal. Please tell me your secret. And is it true that you're only disliked by Ueda's dogs?

K: It's Taguchi who's being disliked by Ueda's dogs (laughs)
They really don't like him.

N: Really?

K: Even though he's all "There, there", only he gets ignored. He just no good with them.

N: Ah, I see.

K: I don't know, but he's just bad at it... like he's being tricked by the dogs. (laughs)

N: So, how is it? With animals...

K: I don't really have a secret~ Well, if for example a new kid comes to me...

N: A new animal?

K: Right... Then I first sleep for about three nights next to the cage.

N: Eeeh~ why?

K: I sleep where they can see me. So they get used to me.

N: Ah, I see.

K: And for about a year, I feed them by hand. So I let them get used to my hand. And if they're used to me and my hand, since I made them get accustomed to me, when I can pet them or hug them, I can always communicate wit them.

N: I see. So that's the secret... Sleeping close to them.

K: I definitely sleep close to them. And then with my hand...

N: Feed them.

K: Yes.

N: So that's your method for your animals in general?

K: Right now.

N: You have all sorts.

K: There are 7.

N: 7 different species?

K: 6.

N: 6? That's like a zoo almost.

K: And... you now, after coming home, you go to the bath and then sleep. For you, you have Mister and Choco, so feeding them and changing the water and the toilet sheet, it's like 30 minutes?

N: Something like that.

K: So maybe an hour when you play a bit with them afterwards. For me, it takes minimum 2 hours. When I take a bath, it takes 3 hours after coming home.
It's exhausting. When I'm busy, it's really hard. But, you see..

N: You have to do it.

K: They don't eat when I don't give it to them.

N: Right.

K: There's nothing you can do... But since it's my job, I have to do it.

N: The fox..

K: The monkey and the dogs

N: Monkey?! Ah, yes, there was one.

K: The fox and prairie dog, ferret, bunny...

N: And the pheasant?

K: There's no pheasant! Dog, monkey, pheasant (laughs) [Nakamaru was referring to the story of Momotaro, a foundling who later goes on adventures with a dog, monkey and a pheasant]

N: I thought that would've been cool (laughs)

K: Since I did have a bird too (laughs)


They talk about how some things have to be cut out sometimes and Koki would like to have a director's cut like edition where they broadcast all of it or the cut parts. Nakamaru jokes that they might cut out Koki's secret [about how he keeps his pets] and Koki says that maybe Johnny won't come up either [which he didn't so apparently it was cut].
They remind people to watch Nakamaru's drama special.

N: And then what else? Taguchi?

K: Do you wanna say it?

N: I leave it to you.

K: Well.... Can I do it quickly?

N: Yes.

K: [mumble, idk] Legal High (laughs)

N: That was code (laughs)

K: I said to Taguchi, "When you're not there, we also announce it properly" and he was, "Yes, I know." (laughs)

N: We've been found out (laughs)

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18 June 2012 @ 04:42 pm
I'm not sure yet whether I will keep those as transcripts (are they readable/understandable like that?) or just sum some parts up. Oh, I left out the last part where Koki is giving advice about muscle training because my mind kept wandering off... sorry! I also wanted to do the episode after this one, I just keep getting distracted.

You can listen to the episode here

K&N: Good evening!

K: I'm KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki!

N: I'm Nakamaru Yuichi!

K: It's been since... April 16th?

K&N: With the two of us.

N: So... There will be a new KAT-TUN single!

K: So sudden! (laughs)

N: I needed to tell it right in the beginning...

K: Right, so on June 27th...

N: Yes.

K: "To the Limit"

N: "To the Limit", like, "surpassing the limit"...

K: surpassing it.

N: Like the title... (laughs)

K: Well, we also shot that PV pretty quickly.

N: Yes. This PV is quite different from the usual ones.

K: It's funny.

N: It's quite funny.

K: Your character was really a bit annoying (laughs).

N: That was fun... For me too... there were like scenes from my childhood.

K: Flashbacks.

N: So funny! I thought, this is different from the storyboard! (laughs)

K: That was fun... but well, we can still play the new single next week? So I'd like to talk in detail about it more next time.

N: Yes. So, let's start?

K: Yes!

N: With free talk.
N: What was the title last time? Ah, since it was "Internet", we'll have to choose a theme starting with "to". [they choose the topics shiritori style, and the last was "intaanetto" ^^]

K: In that case... you soon have your "Hayami-san" special, right? So going with "Drama" would work, no?

N: Ah, we can add 'tenten'? [The signs that change how syllables are pronounced, so 'to' ト turns into 'do' ド]

K: Sure, why not. It's ok. So let's make it "trama"? [He says it with "t" on purpose] "drama talk" (dorama no hanashi)

N: Right. Well, there's a Hayami-san special over two weeks, on June 10th and 17th.

K: It got a two week special?

N: Yeah.

K: Eeh, that's great!

N: It's like the continuation where the drama ended.

K: You already shot it?

N: It's already finished. About two days ago.

K: Ah, really? Doing this without anyone noticing...

N: We shot it quickly. I'd like those who watched the drama to watch this too... it carries on from where it ended.

K: It's after this, exactly.

N: Yes, it follows up, so it's surely enjoyable...

K: That's quite interesting. I'm looking forward to it.

N: You will of course watch it?

K: Of course! Because, you know, I watched all of Hayami-san...

N: Why are you mumbling? (laughs)

K: Well... I have it on my hard disk.

N: Are you Taguchi! (laughs) So, how about this, talking about drama... in the past...

K: I was with Nakamaru and Kame in "Kindaichi"...

N: We appeared in that for a bit, right. But that was... 6 or 7 years ago, that the two of us were shortly in Kame's "Kindaichi".

K: I also was with Kame in "Tatta hitotsu no koi".
I quite often acted with other members. In my "Tokkyu Tanaka" Kame also appeared in just one ep.

N: Oh, really? Unexpectedly... if you look for it, we do seem to appear together a bit.

K: It used to happen frequently. And in "Rescue", there was Masuda, right? And you had some amazing short hair during that time (laughs).

N: Seriously! I was trying to be realistic. (laughs)

K: But! You only cut them bit by bit.

N: Right.

K: All, "Is this ok? Is this ok?"

N: Yes. If it got too much... The people from the drama said that short hair would be good. but there was also the possibility that they wouldn't turn out like they imagined?

K: Depending on your hair, right.

N: I was scared about this.

K: Yesyes.

N: If I cut my hair and they went "..Eh?", that would be the worst.

K: If you cut too much, right.

N: That's why I cut it bit by bit.

K: Well, but Ueda even shaved his head.

N: Right, for Runaway. Thinking about it, changing your hairstyle for a drama is interesting.

K: Well... I pretty much change my hair from time to time... but you have a hard time changing it if it isn't for a drama.

N: Yeah, I can't change it. But it's also a good thing.

K: It seems Ninomiya-kun went blond.

N: Recently?

K: Apparently it's for a role.

N: Seriously? I wanna see that.

K: So here we are.

N: "Trama"...

K: "Trama... drama talk" (laughs)

N: So it's "shi" next [From 'drama no hanashi']

K: That means next week we have to make it "New song" [Shinkyoku].


K: Next corner is "Check the KAT-TUN!" (jingle) Isn't this impossible?

N: What? Ah, this game.

K: Yeah.

N: As for now, we only have wrong answers!

K&N: (laugh)

K: Well, it's a corner where we confirm how much we know about the others, but... uhm... the way it's written down here is also bad. "For now, Tanaka Batsu 1, Nakamaru Batsu 2" [batsu means here "incorrect answer", but "batsu 1 (or 2 etc)" is also used to mean "once (or twice etc) divorced".]

N: Did we get divorces? (laughs)

K: "Batsu 1, batsu 2"... Taguchi has batsu 1...

N: But we didn't decide yet what the punishment will be.

K: We already got ideas for the punishment game, it seems.

N: Oh, we did?

K: I shall read some. "Has to carry on with the program while speaking in the voice of the female announcer in baseball stadiums." That wouldn't work (laughs).

N: That might be interesting.

K: "The loser has to do sit-ups for the 20 min duration of the radio show"

N: Uwah, that will be hard!

K: That sounds interesting.

N: Might be funny. When there's talking parts, you'd go "uhn" while speaking... it might work. (laughs)

K: (laughs) It really could. Well well, we'll choose from one of those. Now we'll take turns wearing headphones while the other answers the question.

N: Yes yes.

K: Just one time...

N: If we don't get it right once~

K: If we can't get it right at least today, this won't do as a game (laughs)

N: Yeah, they'll say that the project failed.

K: If nobody gets it right, it won't work as a game.

N: Yeah, it means we couldn't do it... So who goes first?

K: I'll start today? So I'll answer a question on Nakamaru-kun.

N: I see, I see.

K: So, let's go! A question for Nakamaru-kun. "What's your favourite day of the week?"

N: That means you have a chance of 1/7 (laughs)

K: Put the headphones on...

N: Understood!

K: Maybe it's sunday... When being asked "what's your favourite day of the week", I want to answer "Sunday"... it's because the thought process from school is still remaining in my head. Isn't the image of Sunday=day off still strong? But he's getting up early on Sundays... But! Since he does it for "Shuichi", he'd might want to answer "Sunday". Well, I have a feeling it could be that... let's try.

N: Eh? Can I take them off?

K: So, Nakamaru-kun... "What is your favourite day of the week"?

N: My favourite day is... Monday!

K: (laughs)


K: I failed (laughs) Why Monday?

N: Well... The days of the week don't really mean much for us, right.

K: Yeah, they don't for our work.

N: So when I go into the city for shopping or fun, it's really crowded on Saturdays and Sundays and I don't like that. And on Mondays, there are really only a few people.

K: Ah, because it's the start of the week.

N: Right! That's why it's Monday for me.

K: You answered from your private perspective... I said Sunday because you're doing Shuichi...

N: Ah, I see! Well, that means you got a "wrong" today too.

K: So it's because Mondays there are no people...

N: Yep.

K: You've said this before...

N: Since there are fewer people in the city... that's why I don't like weekends.

K: I've heard this several times before... (laughs)
This is difficult.

N: That's batsu 2.

K: Next we switch, I'll wear the headphones.

N: I should look for one easy to answer...

K: Yes.

N: Ah, let's go with that! A question for Tanaka-kun. "What's your favourite sushi topping?"

K: Ah, I see. Yes yes.

N: So, why did I choose this question. Well, I'm quite confident about this. It's been how many years ago? Anyway, quite a while ago when KAT-TUN went to Las Vegas, we were at a sushi place. And Koki had a plate full of salmon! So if he didn't change, it's without a doubt salmon. Well, I think something like sushi topping doesn't really change. Yes, so I'll go with salmon.

K: You really can't hear anything that's being said (laughs)

N: Right! Well, how about this... I'm kinda worried.
Aah! Is it that? I just remembered! I just remembered another one!

K: (laughs) Let's go.

N: Well, I'll go with what I decided on first. What's your favourite sushi topping?

K: I like salmon roe. [it's the egg thingies]

N: So it's that one! I knew it... Right now, it came to me. Since you like salmon roe don.

K: Yes, I do.

N: What about salmon?

K: I also like that!

N: You really used to love it, right?

K: True.

N: You ate it like crazy.

K: Yeah... I really liked grilled salmon.

N: You ate it like a salmon. [He is making a super stupid joke about "like crazy" = "baka mitai ni", the second time he said "shake (japanese word for salmon) mitai ni"] (laughs)

K: I don't get it.. (laughs) salmon doesn't eat salmon...
If it had been about Ueda, it only could've been octopus.

N: He really would've been easy! Wherever you go, it's octopus.

K: This is really difficult!

N: Now I'm at Batsu 3.

K: 2 left for you.

N: Next time I'll be one point away from losing. Doing this corner, I realised that we really don't know the others (laughs)

K: We surprisingly don't know them (laughs)
We really have to listen better to what others are saying. This was "Check the KAT-TUN"!

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14 June 2012 @ 06:21 pm
I still think this drama will be painful plotwise (I'll be over here crying a single tear for the hard life of conventionally attractive people), but Nakamaru is the cutest. Down with Jin-sensei, the douchebag.


Nanao: The original work is very funny. If this will be faithfully reproduced in the script... How will Izumi's cosplay and the gags be presented? Personally, I'm really looking forward to what's coming.

Nakamaru: I was also immediately captivated, reading it (laughs). At rehearsals, we quickly came to the "Konaki-jiji [a type of yokai, here a pic from the drama] scene and even the staff was really particular about it, up to the replication of its crying voice, that turned out very funny... This is your first time appearing in a drama, right?

Nanao: Yes. I wanted to try acting but that didn't mean I was going to get cast. I'm thankful to everyone for offering me this opportunity. Izumi and I are pretty much complete opposites character-wise and I never cosplayed in real life before, but it'll be fun doing this.

Nakamaru: It's a completely different world view, isn't it. (laughs)

Nanao: In the "making of the manga" where the original author Higashimura Akiko-san drew what was the reason this work was born, she witnessed a beautiful woman eating her bento alone. Even under beautiful people there are lonely ones. How will Izumi be able to find happiness?

Nakamaru: First off, by starting with clearly ending her affair with Aoyama Jin-sensei (Kazama Tooru) (laughs). She is a really poor judge of a guy's character!

Nanao: Is that so? (laughs) The relationship between the characters in this work seem simple but are complicated... Since there are a lot of strong characters, I will have to give my best to not get overpowered.

Nakamaru: Akamatsu Keisuke, the character I'm playing, also tends to not leave an impression (laughs). I want to play his part properly.

Nanao: It's good I've went back to having black hair after a long time, I think. This way I feel I can always slip into Izumi's role.

Nakamaru: It's also important to assume the appearance. Akamatsu has a natural perm, just like me [meaning, naturally curly hair]. It's the first time I'm thankful for it (laughs).

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30 May 2012 @ 09:26 pm

Higashimura Akiko's "Omoni naitemasu" will be made into a drama, starting in July on Fuji TV as the weekly Saturday drama from 11.10 pm till 11.55.

The cast includes Nanao as Konno Izumi, KAT-TUN's Nakamaru Yuichi as Akamatsu Keisuke, Kusakari Mayu as Midorigawa Tsune and Kazama Tooru as Aoyama Jin. Being the first time doing a serial drama as well as her first main role, Nanao is enthusiastic about it: "Izumi's modest character and mine are actually the complete opposite. Sometimes I do feel a bit worried whether I can express this woman called Izumi, but truthfully this is why I feel it's worth doing."

Producer at Fuji TV, Ooki Ayako commented on the choice of Nanao, "She just came to our minds intuitively. Since I'm personally a big fan of the original work, and in our responsibility for the fans, we're asking Nanao-san - who is both blessed with overwhelming beauty and presence - for an important task with this first main role of her first drama." About Nakamaru: "He fits perfectly this charming character image which possesses delicacy, strength and mischief."

"Omoni naitemasu" is a comedy, describing the ups and downs of emotions of the drawing model Konno Izumi, who suffers from one misfortune after the other due to her excessive beauty, and the people around her.

Nakamaru's comment:
The original work is very humorous, so it makes me very happy that I can join this world. On the other hand, it's also a charming work in how it shows real human relationships, so I'm hoping the staff and my co-actors can create something which won't lose against the original in this point. Through the whole thing, the gags are an important part, so I'd like to be aware of that and be careful with the shooting.

On Nanao:
My first impression of Nanao-san was that she has a great style. Since she's sharing a lot of points regarding the impression of the main character Izumi, I'm looking forward to the shooting from now on.

Additional comment by the producer:
(On the planning) It's an action drama about human nature which is unfolding with the focus mainly on Tokyo's shitamachi, centering around Konno Izumi, a woman of matchless beauty with no luck. It asks about the simple topic "what is loving someone, what is real beauty". Colouring this starts with Akamatsu Keisuke and then all the other fresh characters with different personalities. While they are connected with each other by a warm bond, it's also filled with the tears connected to unrequited love when you cannot win the love of the person you love the most, and at the same time filled with gags from Showa [1926-1989] till the present.

(Reasons for the castings)
[First part on Nanao was already quoted in the main article]

This guy called Akamatsu is getting lost in this wonderland and he's caught up at dizzying speed in the actions of the strong-willed characters, in other words like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Plus, for the viewers Akamatsu is like the navigator and I'd like them to enter the world of this work and I want them to utilise Nakamaru's friendly charm for it.

(I left out the comment by Nanao, sorry about that.)

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25 May 2012 @ 06:18 pm
I finally found a scan that didn't give me too much eye cancer!

1. Love is ____! Something enjoyable! There are a lot of positive aspects for both. 2. Three conditions for the kind of girls you like Have a part I can respect. Have their own strong will. Similar interests. 3. The members whose "strike zone" of love seems wide Koki. 4. The first thing you do regarding a girl you're interested in Striking up conversations to get to know them. 5. How you get when in love I feel good, being cheerful every day. 6. What if you and a friend liked the same girl? That would be a problem. How I'd act would depend on how much I liked her. 7. Is it OK if the girl confesses first? Of course. But ideally, I'd like to say it first. 8. When sick with a cold, what kind of gesture would touch you? Being weakened, having anything done for me would make me happy. Of course also when I just get a mail saying "Are you all right?" when suffering from heat fatigue. 9. This method is effective that I fall for her For me, being able to look up to her is in any case important. When girls know stuff that I don't, I think "Oh! ♡". 10. Something that "might generally be good, but would have the reverse effect on me" Quickly getting excited about things for no reason. 11. The time in your life where you were the most popular No matter how much I look back at my life up till now, there doesn't exist a period of popularity. That is, I don't think I want to be popular in the first place… 12. The moment you feel happiness when being in love That certainly is when you are thinking of your partner, isn't it? 13. The pattern of love you easily get caught up in Even though I thought "how nice" on the first meeting, it definitely doesn't evolve into love. 14. If you bought matching things with her Rings. 15. If you asked her to cook something for you Omurice. 16. If you cooked something for her Pasta with chili peppers (peperoncino). I got taught how to make them on "KAT-TUN no zettai manetakunaru TV" and after trying it again at home, I got quite good at it ♪ 17. What if you were told "change your hairstyle and fashion"? It would also depend on the content of her request, but I'd do my best to meet it as far as I could. But I wouldn't get a Mohawk or something (laughs). 18. What if the clothes you got from her weren't your taste? I'd still wear them. 19. Your tsundere percentage? I never quite understand it, so I'm neither tsun [the 'cold' surface] nor dere [the 'lovestruck' inside]. If I had to say, I might be a little tsun. 20. If you discussed love troubles with the others? Anyone would be good. Since everyone's way of thinking is different, it would be interesting asking all of them. The one with opinions close to mine might be Taguchi. 21. Did you ever develop deeper feelings for a friend? Yes. It probably happens more often on my part, I think. 22. When would you start noticing a girl? When I think "how cute~". Like, the moment she smiles broadly and my heart skips a beat. 23. What if on your first date your conversation would pause and turn into silence? I ask what she had to eat yesterday. 24. What would you do if on a date you went to see a movie and she fell asleep? I'd act a bit cross and wake her up. But if she didn't wake up, I'd let her sleep. 25. When you go to the girl's room for the first time, what do you look at first? If her shoes right at the entrance [the floor before you step into someone's home, where people take off/leave the shoes] are arranged properly. A dirty hallway is not good. 26. The girl will come to your room for the first time in 10 minutes. What do you do in any case? I clean up the hallway. It'll be the first impression of your living space, right. 27. What if you watched DVDs at your place? I would like to watch a war movie, but since a girl would definitely not be interested in that, I'd fit it to her. 28. Would you ask about her past love? Since it would be on my mind, I'd probably ask. But there are also people who wouldn't want to be asked, so if that was the case, I would try not to. 29. If you get a girlfriend, do you tell your family? Maybe, maybe not, it wouldn't really be a conscious choice. 30. If the girl didn't show up for a date and you can't reach her cell, how long would you wait? It depends on the place and season. If it was somewhere in the city, I could kill time in some stores. And if I was in my car, I'd wait. When speaking of a situation I wouldn't wait in the most, if it was cold, without any stores, and raining, I'd leave after 20 minutes. 31. Who of the others seems to be the most dedicated? Taguchi. 32. What if you forgot her birthday? I'd act like I was one day late on purpose. I'd confidently go, "Happy yesterday's birthday!" (laughs) 33. What you do differently when sending mails to a girl Using casual phrases. Also, emoticons and such. 34. Would you want to look through your girlfriend's cell phone? I did want to before. 35. If she told you "show me your phone"? I'd show her even though I wouldn't like it. 36. If she told you "delete all the addresses of other girls"? Impossible. I'd properly explain and make her understand. 37. What if she started crying during a fight? Even if I wasn't at fault, I'd apologise and comfort her. 38. The moment where even a 100 years old love cools off? Once you like someone, it would not cool off because of just one thing. 39. Would you go back to being friends with an ex-girlfriend? No. 40. Would you throw away presents you got from your ex-girlfriend? Yes. 41. Would you delete your ex-girlfriend's address? Basically yes. 42. What if you received an invitation to your ex-girlfriend's wedding? I'd refuse. 43. What you do to recover from a broken heart? I go out to drink with friends. 44. What if you found your girlfriend linking arms with another guy? I'd be depressed. I would like to inquire about it right there, but it might not be possible. 45. What's the biggest surprise you arranged so far? I'm not good with surprises. I couldn't think of what I should do. 46. The percentage love is taking up in your brain? Maybe about 20. The rest would be 50 for work and 30 for games and school and so on. 47. Are you in love right now? With watching soccer and games! 48. For which member love seems to take up a high percentage in their brain? Koki. 49. A part of you you definitely don't want to show your girlfriend? None in particular. 50. And something you would only show to her? Being weak.

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23 May 2012 @ 09:26 pm

Do you like hugging or do you hate it? I like it! Because I think it easily conveys your feelings. Earlier, after finishing "Hayami-san to yobareru hi", I also hugged with Inohara-kun, saying "thanks for the good work!"

Are you the type who wants to get hugged? I don't have that much the desire the get hugged. But I hug the members before the begin of a concert and since everyone is pretty much doing it repeatedly, it maybe gets like I'm being hugged (laughs).

Would you hug from the front? From the back? From the side? Hugging from the side is a bit weird, isn't it? (laughs) Ah, but back then after scoring a goal at soccer, it was more like jostling, no matter if back or side (laughs). Now just a normal hug from the front is good I think.

What reaction when hugging makes you happy? Any reaction is good I think, I'd only hate being refused (laughs). Especially coming from a person I like I maybe couldn't recover from the shock… If they just normally return their feelings It's OK, I think.

What did you hug recently? That was of course my pet dogs. They quickly get sick of it and make a "let me go"-face at me, which makes me sad (tear). When we stayed overnight at hotels during the concerts, I also slept hugging the pillow.

Recently This semester I took five courses and got an A+ in four, which is the best grade. Working hard paid off. Next it's my last year as a fourth year student, so I'd like to study while enjoying myself.

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14 May 2012 @ 09:30 pm

Would you either live in a world where it's +40 degrees or -40? Since I don't like heat, -40. Because I could get through it by wearing thick clothes. And I wouldn't leave the house if possible… eh? Wait! This is about 40 degree Celsius and 40 degree below zero? Then 40 degrees would be better. That actually happens once in a while in Saitama and so on. This is a weird question! [I usually hold back the comments, but gee, Nakamaru, how do you usually measure temperature? In Kelvin? Or what are you, American? >_> And he has probably forgotten about his little punishment trip with Jin to Hokkaido...]

Are you more easily affected by a girl's smile or her tears? I like a smile better. Whatever the reason might be, any smiling woman is beautiful I think. A laughing moment is satisfying, and it's happiness, so it would lift the mood. Here, in case of tears it would depend on the reason. There are also beautiful tears, but often it's not.

A good talker or a good listener, which is better when going out? This is difficult! If possible, I'd want something balanced, possessing both sides… well, if I had to say one, a good listener might be it. I don't like someone where I wouldn't know if they listened when I talk or would suddenly change the subject to themselves. Because I would feel like they're not interested in me (laughs).

"Three days without sleep" or "three days without food", which one is worse? Without a doubt, without sleeping is worse. When I couldn't sleep because of work for about two days, I was past my limit. I shudder just thinking about not being able to sleep for a day… If I wasn't able to eat for three days, I'd spend them sleeping as far as possible as to not use any energy (laughs).

Space or life underwater, which one feels more mysterious? I think there are a lot of people who believe that scale-wise space is bigger, but actually a lot of things under water are still unsolved. If I had to say, since I think that right on this earth around us are more interesting things than in space, which is close to nothingness, the sea might be more mysterious.

Passion or calmness, which one is stronger? I possess both, but if I had to say which one is stronger, it's probably calmness. I firmly want to remain calm at all time to pass the right judgment as a person. The amount of calmness and passion is the same, but I'd like to be passionate based on being calm.

A moment which unthinkingly made you smile recently? If it's true, I finally could register for a seminar this year which I had wanted to take last year. Thank God! (happy) Now, I'm discussing the topic of my thesis with an education coach. [It seems to be a person on Waseda's online program who helps the students over forums at stuff. "Couldn't it involve the entertainment world" etc, we're having really enjoyable exchanges like that.